Domenica Stagno

My beloved mother, Domenica Stagno (65), passed on November 4, 2021. She is survived by me, Lana, her only daughter, and her grandson Evan (9) who made up the entirety of her world. She was surrounded by me and her siblings Maria, Enzo, Tony, Tina, and John at the time of her passing while we held her hands and hugged her. She is also survived by her brothers Robert and Lou. Mom will always be remembered for singing high on top tree branches in Italy when she was little; doing the dishes on holidays; giving her last penny to anyone she thought needed it; obsessing over her grandson, and fighting for what she believed in. She will be missed and loved forever with the impression she made in our hearts, in our spirits, and through her jokes and laughter.  

Friends are invited to say a final goodbye at Mc Corry Brothers Funeral Home in Cliffside Park, NJ on Saturday, November 6 from 9:00 – 11:00 AM,  

A funeral Mass will immediately follow at Our Lady of Grace Church in Fairview, NJ at 12:00.